Association "Les Amis d'Astier"


    We are happy to announce the creation of the association "The Hotel d'Astier's Friends".


    The goal of this association is most of all patrimonial.


    We will also continue to promote performing arts with it.


    If you are interesting, you can join us with the form in the "contact" section.





    The 2021 program is on its way...

    This next season will be rich in events! thanks to you.


    You have an exhibition or a show to plan?

    you can join us with the form in the tab "Contact".



  • The Artists Colony



    Feng Ge

    Feng Ge

    Feng is a renowned Chinese painter, and works in the 2nd floor.

    Michael Knight

    Michael Knight

    Michael works in the 1st floor. He is en excellent guide in the building and will reveal to you all the secret stories of the place.

    Hugues Breton

    Hugues Breton

    Hugues works on the 3rd floor.

    Lucy Allard

    Lucy Allard

    Lucy welcomes you to her workshop on the ground floor of the building.

    Juliette Penblanc

    Juliette Penblanc

    Juliette shares Hugues's workshop at the 3rd floor.

    Ugo Cerina

    Ugo Cerina

    Ugo is working on painting and volume.

    He shares the studio in the court with Maxime.

    Ugo Cerina

    Maxime Chevallier


    Elie Ossipovitch

    Elie performs viola of gambe, guitar, cajón...

    He does us the honor of concerts each year in the pocket theater.

    Pierre Cheikbossian

    Pierre realizes and plays with the company "Le puits à coqs".

    David Halfon

    David is a Guatemalan sculptor. He lives in Forcalquier where he also train other people with his know how.

    Hélène Hébrard

    Hélène is a lyric singer, she performs in various shows and transmits her passion.

    Dominique Zamparini

    Dominique leads « Rires et sourires de Provence » troupe with talent and performs regularly at Hôtel d’Astier.

    2B2B Company

    With a great team of dancers, this company offers magnificent modern dance performances.

    Yannick Owen

    Yannick is an author, composer, performer. He has been playing acoustic sessions in the Hôtel d'Astier several times.

    Cécile Andrée

    Cécile is an author, composer, performer, and performs notably in Marseille. If you like Jazz, go quickly to see her videos.

    Chloé Giraud-Héraud

    Chloé performs regularly as a soloist and sings with the harp. She is also choir director in several choirs.

    Yves Riché

    Yves is a photographer, living in Forcalquier.

    (Photo Marie Calme)

    Laurent Géray

    Laurent is a painter and an author

    Nicolas Guyot

    Nicolas is painter and photographer.

    He lives in Marseille.






  • Flexible and complementary spaces

    Host all disciplines and expressions of art


    You wish to exhibit in our galleries, or perform in our pocket theater, contact us !

    Atelier de peinture

    Artists workshops

    Workshops from 18 to 50 m² independent and organized to encourage creativity and visits.

    Exposition - Concert

    Exhibition galleries

    250 sqm of equipped spaces for exhibitions and events.


    Pocket Theater

    Masterpiece of the Hotel d'Astier, the theater offer a 50 seats capacity.


    Renaissance Courtyard

    Central area of the Hotel d'Astier, this is the real "forum" of the Cultural Center.

    Galerie de tableaux

    Artists in residence


    A temporary workshop space, made available to visiting artists to carry out a project.

    Réunion des républicains

    The Republicans Cave

    Symbol of democracy, this place remembers the struggles for freedom!

    Chambre lit à coursive

    Guest room


    Several bedrooms available for temporary reception of artists.

    Design graphique d'un buste à imprimer

    Prototyping workshop

    A shared place, available for artists, to prototype, tinker or test creations!

    Global view


    A plan to better understand the organization of the building, but the best is definitely to come on site!

  • Mixing arts and cultures is wealth



    After a long restoration work, the Hôtel d'Astier opened its doors in 2015. Luckily, the XVIth century courtyard has been saved.

    From the beginning, Alain and Nicole Géray, owners , wished to establish a cultural center there. The project aims to offer workshops to artists, as well as galleries to receive exhibitions. The space can also host concerts, plays or dance performances in a very atypical theatre.


    Today, Alain, Laurent and Nicolas, his sons, are convinced that opening this building for free to the public is a key asset to encourage access to culture for everyone, and introduce tourists to five centuries of heritage.







    Since its rebirth, the Hotel d'Astier has welcomed painters, sculptors, actors, dancers of various nationalities: Guatemalan, Chinese, Canadian, French, etc.


    This colony of artists are united in an association named "Confluences".


    The artists could have a permanent place to meet, communicate and exchange.


    Musicians, directors, scenographers, actors and dance troupes come regularly to perform. The Hotel d'Astier is based in a multicultural neighborhood where other artists establish and open new workshops and galleries (about 70 workshops are now opened in Forcalquier).


    Here are the 3 objectives of the Hotel d'Astier :


    - Collide the artistic worlds by promoting diversity and communication between the arts and know-how.


    - Develop an opened mindset by mixing cultures and confronting international sensitivities.


    - Give everyone access to culture and generate vocations, especially for the younger generations, by opening up to all kind of publics and organizing collaborative events.




    The name Astier comes from a family of magistrates who was important in the history of Forcalquier.


    Three members of this family were consuls between the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th century.


    According to Cyprien Bernard *, François Astier was elected second consul in 1568, then first consul in 1573, 1578 and 1587 (these municipal offices were annual, and the position were normally non-renewable the following year). He is known in Forcalquier history for having obtained without violence, on November 2, 1567, the liberation of the city occupied by Protestant troops for three weeks **. In 1588 he chased a band of brigands who took advantage of the troubles of the League to ransom residents ***.


    Claude Astier was second consul in 1593, 1602 and 1608, first consul in 1613. It was under his consulate that in 1608, "Maria Sauvaterra", the bell that adorned the Forcalquier carillon, was redesigned.


    Pompey Astier was finally first consul in 1638.


    Backing into the old 15th century college, which is part of this property, the Hotel d'Astier has an exceptional interior courtyard which archaeologists and tourists will certainly visit with pleasure. We see the elegant and well-proportioned remains of an Italian Renaissance-style gallery to which are added large 16th-century mullioned windows. Furthermore, the presence in the building of plasterwork remains, suggests that the Astier family was concerned with creating, with the help of artists, a refined building.


    It seems logical to attribute to François Astier, the construction of this gallery, and undoubtedly of a good part of the house. This goes back to an already well-advanced sixteenth century, probably from its second half. It is likely that this notable had gone to visit Tuscany and that he had admired these courtyards with galleries and arcades characteristic of the "Quatrocento". Returning to Forcalquier, he decided to reproduce at home what he had loved so much in his italian neighbors.


    As the route opens to the public through a maze of workshops, galleries and cellars, the Hotel d'Astier provides access to the "Cave of the Republicans": under the second republic in 1848, the French had elected Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte president of the Republic. The Republicans, numerous in Provence, worried and feared a rebellion. They then created secret societies to prepare the resistance. When the rebellion took place in 1851, they raised an army of peasants and workers to oppose the takeover of the Bonapartists. According to tradition, it was in this cave called "the Republicans Cave" that met one of the secret societies which resisted the rebellion of Napoleon III. There is also a bench carved in stone at the heart of the cave, where one can imagine that the Republican leaders worked out their strategy.


    From Jean-Yves Royer


    *(Fastes consulaires de Forcalquier, BSSL 04, Digne, 1907-1908, pp. 352 à 354)

    **(selon Berluc, Les dates de l’histoire de Forcalquier, Forcalquier, 1886, p. 218)

    ***(Cf. Cyprien Bernard, Essai historique sur la ville de Forcalquier, Forcalquier, 1905, pp. 225-226)

  • Thanks to our partners

    Association Confluence

    Association Confluence

    Les objectifs de Confluence : Concourir à l’accueil d’artistes à Forcalquier, en leur fournissant des ateliers et des lieux d’exposition, et en les aidant à faire connaître leurs oeuvres ; aider les artistes dans leur dialogue avec les élus et avec l’administration ; organiser toute manifestation permettant de mettre en valeur le travail des artistes.

    Association Les Ateliers

    Les Ateliers Forcalquier

    C’est en juillet 2014 qu’a eu lieu la première édition “Les Ateliers Ouverts” à Forcalquier. Un petit groupe d’artistes s’est réuni pour regrouper les énergies artistiques et organiser des événements qui ponctuent l’année.

    La dernière édition a réuni plus de 65 artistes dans 35 lieux ouverts.

    Fondation du Patrimoine

    Fondation du Patrimoine

    La Fondation du patrimoine œuvre à la sauvegarde et la valorisation du patrimoine français. Au travers du label, de la souscription publique et du mécénat d’entreprise, elle accompagne les particuliers, les collectivités et les associations dans des projets de restauration.


    Ville de Forcalquier

    À égale distance du Rhône, des Alpes et de la mer, à mi-hauteur entre plaine et montagne, à la rencontre du monde alpin et du monde méditerranéen, le pays de Forcalquier est au milieu de la Provence, et une Provence du milieu.

    Alpes de Haute Provence

    Département des Alpes de Haute Provence

    Au cœur d’un réseau de nombreux partenaires, le Département est là pour que la culture soit partout : développement du livre et de la lecture, accès aux œuvres artistiques, soutien aux créations, conservation du patrimoine, diffusion de la culture scientifique… ».

    Maisons paysannes de France

    Maison paysannes de France

    Maisons Paysannes de France, une expérience unique de cinquante ans pour la connaissance et la sauvegarde du patrimoine rural bâti et paysager. Sur le terrain, notre association nationale, reconnue d'utilité publique, aide les particuliers et les collectivités locales dans leurs projets en faveur du patrimoine rural.

  • PAST EVENTS 2020

    June 2020:


    June 06 - July 20

    "Confinement" from the artists of the Hôtel d'Astier

    July 2020:

    tales and song

    July 18 - 18:00

    "Le crocheteur borgne et la princesse" Tales and songs from the XVIIIth century




    "Rires et sourires de Provence" Company



    July 22 - 18:00

    Jean-Yves Royer, conference

    Epidemics in Forcalquier through History


    July 24 - 21:00

    Celtics and medievals tales


    Marie Fouillet

    Daniel Girault and his harp




    July 24-27

    Les Ateliers Ouverts


    July 29 - 20:30

    Arash Sarkechik


    July 31 - 21:00


    Charles Drecq - "Plume en ciel" Company


    August 2020:


    August 2 - 21:00

    Swing me Tight

    Sophie Chouvion, Vincent Patrin and Elie Ossipovitch


    August 3 - 21:00

    Boris Winter - Violon recital




    August 12 - 18:00

    Jean-Yves Royer, conference

    "The Lost Forcalquier"


    August 1 - 14

    Martine Devrieze & Gilles Bounous

    Photographic and pictorial works

    August 14 - 21:00

    Dominique Zamparini

    "Contes de Voltaire"




    August 14 - 17

    Les Ateliers Ouverts




    Tuesday, August 18 - 21:00

    Alexandre Castillon


    August 17 - September 5

    Ceramic Exhibition by Marie-Odile Savigny​

    September 2020:

    lyric recital

    September 5 - 18:00

    "De l'Allemagne" from Madame de Staël

    Texts by Maria Kohler and lyric recital by Lucile Pessey

    lyric recital

    September 12 - 21:00

    Indian music by Nazar Khan

    lyric recital

    September 19 - 21:00

    "Le crocheteur borgne et la princesse"

    Tales and songs from the XVIIIth century.

    "Rires et sourires de Provence" Company

    lyric recital

    September 20 - 10:30

    Visit of the Republican Cave and the Resistance Room

    lyric recital

    September 20 - 20:30

    "Des roses et des cailloux"

    1h30, poetry and songs.

    Texts et voice: Carol Battistini, piano: René Brion, electric guitar: Loïc Lebourg.

    lyric recital

    Septembre 26 - 18:00

    "Tu as bien fait de venir Paul " from Louis Calaferte, by the theatre "Corail"

    lyric recital

    October 2 and october 3 - 18:30 & 20:30

    "Une ardente patience" by the Company "Puits à Coqs"

    lyric recital

    19 september - 19 october

    Béatrice Leitonaite & Elias Kurdy

    Contemporary art exhibition

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